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Oro Bridge - Papua New Guinea

ESC was awarded the scope of work for full steel fabrication works for cambered bridge girders for 4 bridges spanning a total length of over 600 metres in Papua New Guinea capable of withstanding frequent natural disasters such cyclones.

Four Bridges - Ambogo River and Eroro River in the Oro province of Papua New Guinea were destroyed by Cyclone Guba in 2007. Construction of the new bridges were scheduled in January 2014.

The lengths of the four bridges were as follows:

  • Eroro Bridge - 66 metres

  • Ambogo River - 100 metres

  • Girua River - 150 metres

  • Kumusi River - 285 metres


ESC Steel Strcutures was awarded by Main Contractor Canstruct in Australia to fabricate all steel components for the four bridges. ESC's scope of was to fabricate over 1,500 tons of steel bridge girders and other components such as elastomeric bearing sets, guard rails, scuppers, edge forms, bracing, splicing plates, channels, lifting lugs and more. The girders were between 1.25 and 2.06 metres high and the lengths were up to 15.0 metres long.

The bridge designs consisted of four steel continuous girders with case insitu concrete decks. It required a design life and capacity for a 2,000 year flood. 

The 4 bridges were successfully opened to public in July 2016.

ESC Scope of Supply
Bridge Steel Structure
Corrosion Protection System

Hot Dipped Galvanizing as accordance with AS/NZS 4680 (DFT: 85µm)

Completed Bridge PNG.jpg

Oro Bridge

Project Photos

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